The Thick and Thin of it

The Thick and Thin of It – Poetry Collection by Donna Jones

Role: Editing, collation and design of 67 page publication, 2012
Film advert: audio/editing

The Thick and Thin of It is a self-published poetry collection by Donna Jones

thick thinThese are real, carefully wrought and unafraid poems that often tear away the poetic veil to reflect feelings and lives from troubled landscapes. From Skeg Vegas to Blackberries, Donna Jones sings the dark of tough times, and harrowing journeys, to find moments of sweet relief, tenderness and hope. Fabulous and personal work. Read it.

Donna Jones describes her writing as her ‘comforter, diary, friend and punch bag’ and this first collection of poems packs all of these into a smack to the senses that leaves its mark long after bruises heal. Donna writes without shame of her own pain and isolation and also her joy, alongside that of the broken, judged and overlooked. Brave, tough, funny and touching, within these pages we glimpse slices of the thick and thin of life, the agony, brutality and sheer wonder of what it is to be human.

Donna Jones takes us where many writers fear to tread.

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