“Vicky pays close attention to detail with knife-sharp observations that always serve the story of the poem. Anything that was muddled suddenly becomes very clear with her guidance and no stone is left unturned. She’s taught me so much about both editing and writing, and challenges me whilst remaining supportive & warm.”

Warda Yassin
New Poet Prize winner 2018 (The Poetry Business)

Vicky has mentored, supervised and offered guidance to young people for many years through various projects and initiatives, such as in synthesised ‘employer’ roles on work experience programmes like Cube Magazine and Site Young Apprentice Scheme, as a writer and development worker for young writers (most notably Signposts/Writing Yorkshire), and through other pastoral roles aimed at supporting the creative, personal and professional development of young people.  She has also mentored formally through the Writing Squad – a professional development programme for emerging writers.

For the last few years, Vicky has mentors many young poets through Hive specifically, including award winners Georgie Woodhead, Lauren Hollingsworth Smith, Ciah White, Eloise Unerman & Warda Yassin. For more about her work as an editor, click here.

 It’s my joy to help encourage and empower young people. I’ve been so privileged over the years watching so many young minds take off – find their voice, apply for that job, challenge themselves, see themselves in a new light, and best of all, realise their worth and that they can do great things.