Cube Magazine (2005-12)

Cube Magazine Journalism & Media Project

Role/s: (Oct 2005 – 2012)   
Project Manager
Trainer (journalism, graphic design, photography, film/documentary)

Supervisor, mentor, editor
Graphic designer for Cube in print (2008 onwards)

“The Cube Project exemplifies how work placements for secondary school students can be redefined.”
CAPITAL (Curriculum & Pedagogy in Technology Assisted Learning)
University of Nottingham: 2009

cube6Cube Magazine was a pioneering vocationally focused journalism and media project offering a range of opportunities to 14 to 19s in writing and other media areas, primarily through work experience programmes. The project publishes a diversity of writing and media work by and for young people through a print and web-based magazine, an online radio station and related film, media projects and exhibitions.

I ran all aspects of Cube from 2005, taking over from Media Education Specialist, Becky Parry who started Cube in 2003. I had started working on the project as a freelance graphic design facilitator in 2004 and was blown away at it’s potential to empower and prepare young people for their future. I found I was drawn to supporting the journalism and writing side of the project and, on becoming project manager, I set about further developing the project to include a website and radio station in addition to the print magazine. In 2007, I developed an additional work experience strand of Cube in film and graphic design (funded by Mediabox).

Key roles and achievements:

  • Development and coordination of work placement programmes where young people are active in negotiating the nature and direction of personal and collective work and learning
  • Training and facilitation in: Journalism, creative writing, interviewing/radio, design, illustration, photography, filmmaking
  • Management and coordination of the project and media platforms including: developing partnerships [creative, media, industry and schools], hiring and supervising freelance staff, administrative duties, fundraising, marketing, scheduling programmes, maintaining online platforms, preparing and distributing the print-based magazine
  • Encouragement of personal growth in young people through a vocational context, offering individualised learning, one to one mentoring, detailed feedback and work references

cube 1Cube saw young people interview some amazing talents over the years including Film director, Danny Boyle; singer songwriter, Sheffield’s Richard Hawley; chat show host, Michael Parkinson, poet Benjamin Zephaniah; novelist Malorie Blackman, and pioneering politician, Tony Ben.

Through Cube young people were given a quality and validating platform to write and speak widely about issues effecting young people and the wider world, from mental health and disability, to online gaming addiction and knife crime.

What young people said about a Cube work experience:

“What Cube magazine offers is genuine opportunity and experience amidst a fog of false (and boring) educational experiences”. Dan Holden (15) Cube Journalist 2007

“In a world where young people are often stereotyped as being apathetic and anti-social, this is a real movement for young people to actually shine and show their capabilities and their true colours”. Sarah Hembrough (15) Cube Journalist 2006

cube7“I have a friend who self-harmed for ages. I couldn’t get it and then I read that article in issue 15 and now I can look at it differently”. Rosie Newton (16)

“Cube gave a real insight into the world of journalism and I am now considering it as a future career”. Miriam Barclay (15)

“Being nominated for the role of editor was also a great chance to strengthen my proof-reading skills and my ability to accept constructive criticism of my own work, both of which have proven really valuable to me at college”.  Helen Daniels (15) Cube Journalist 2006

List of funders and more information to follow.

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