The Siblings Project (2009)

The Siblings Project (2009)

Role/s: Workshop facilitator (photography)
& artist/producer (performance visuals – photography and animation)

IMG_5084The aim of the Siblings Project was to visually bring to life a suite of six songs – A Sheffield Song Book, words by Berlie Doherty and music by Richard Chew – I ran photography and animation workshops with children and young people (mainly brothers and sisters of Sheffield Young Singers), to build a child’s eye view of the playgrounds, museums, football teams, rivers and industrial heritage of Sheffield.

The resulting images and animation created a continuous streaming themed backdrop to the music at an event premiering the Sheffield Song Book during Sheffield Children’s Festival 2009 where the 60 voices of Sheffield Young Singers were accompanied by professional chamber group Ensemble 360 Winds.

Sheffield Young Singers has produced a CD of A Sheffield Song Book. For more info and recordings of 2 of the songs click here.

The Siblings Project was part of The Big Byte. It was a creative collaboration between Sheffield Young Singers and Lovebytes funded by Grants for the Arts with support from South Sheffield City Learning Centre and Sheffield Children’s Festival.

The Big Byte (2009)
The Big Byte was a year-long programme of events supported by Arts Council England and Screen Yorkshire and delivered in partnership by various community organisations in Sheffield including: Sheffield Children’s Festival, Sheffield Young Singers and Showcomotion Film Festival.

Slideshow and animation coming soon 🙂

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