Scars Project (2009)

Role: Story-telling facilitator / story editor

The Scars project was a photography and storytelling project run by Richard Hanson (Photography) with storytelling assistance from Vicky Morris. Richard and Vicky worked with vulnerable elderly and young people from the Manor Estate, Manor Park, the Wyborn and Woodthorpe areas of Sheffield using photograph and storytelling to bring the community together through the project.

scarsThe project resulted in a publication and exhibition as part of Sheffield’s Off the Shelf Literature Festival in Oct 2010. The stories, along with photographs of the people and their scars were exhibited as part of Sheffield’s Off the Shelf Festival of Words in Oct 2010

Funded and supported by: Manor Young People’s Health Project, the Prince’s Trust, South Yorkshire Community Fund, Heritage Park School, and Donna Jones.

Some of the photos from the project (all taken by Richard Hanson can be viewed here)

I would also like to add, it was wonderful to work with Richard Hanson and I’m very sorry to hear of his passing in 2014.

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