Red Raw

Red Raw – Poetry Collection

red_frontRole: Editing, collation and design of 69 page publication, 2015

Red Raw is a self-published poetry collection by Donna Jones

I have also collated, edited and designed The Thick and Thin of it (2012). Donna’s first poetry collection.

“Donna Jones creates splendid emotive lines of dark sensations and flickering images of hope. A brave writer who plunges ever deeper into the dimensions of the lesser spoken side of humanity, always providing a haunting journey into another’s story.”    ROWAN BLAIR COLVER

‘Donna Jones is a powerhouse of talent. Her work is at once funny, yet poignant, reaching deep inside hearts and minds. Each word is chosen with pinpoint accuracy to convey its razor sharp meaning. Unforgettable.’   JOAN ELLIS

Donna Jones, writes from the heart with a gut-wrenching honesty and bravery that seizes you by the throat and doesn’t let you go. There is no let-up in what Donna makes you face. Her poems are raw, visceral, profound, condensing the tragi-comedy of her life and all our lives into a deeply moving shared experience. A Poet Laureate in the making!   BARBARA JANE MACKIE

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