Words in Pixels (2011)

Words in Pixels young writers’ installation (2011)

Installation artist – collation, editing & design of audio/visual installation

words in pixelsh3Words in Pixels brought together a selection of short pieces and excerpts of poetry and fiction written by 42 young writers from across South Yorkshire. The pieces were brought to life by linked imagery, audio readings and a soundtrack composed by musician, The Only Michael.


Commissioned by: Off the Shelf Festival of Words


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Words in pixels

Words in Pixels showcases a selection of work produced by 14 to 18 year olds during a graphic and text based project commissioned by Off the Shelf. Artist and writer Vicky Morris worked with local young writers groups, and other young people via social networking, to create graphic, audio and text work for digital display during the festival. The aural dimension is provided by composer and sound artist The Only Michael.

words in pixels2The work is split into themes with audio readings and an accompanying soundtrack from musician The Only Michael and duo Animat.  The visuals and were created by artist and writer Vicky Morris, who led a number of projects that were incorporated into the show.

Words in Pixels includes works produces during a number of creative writing workshops and themed projects, including:

The I love You Bridge, Sheffield

After listening to a radio programme that looked at the story behind Park Hill’s I Love You Bridge, Sheffield Young Writers produced poems addressing what they feel is missing from the public art gesture of the neon covered message made iconic on the Park Hill bridge.

words in pixels7My True Nature – Sheffield & Rotherham Young Writers

As part of a national project to celebrate 50 years of the World Wildlife Foundation, Sheffield & Rotherham Young Writers produced writing around their fascinations and personal relationships with nature.

Robots in War – Rotherham & Sheffield Young Writers

Sheffield and Rotherham Young Writers produced spoken word pieces in response to: Robots in War – a Red Cross & Radiowaves competition – that asked young people to express their thoughts and feelings about current developments in military robotics through video response.

Arvon Residential 2011 – South Yorkshire Young Writers Groups

featured words in pixels2In February 2011 members of Sheffield, Rotherham, Doncaster and Barnsley Young Writers groups spent an intensive five days writing at the Arvon Foundation in West Yorkshire. They attended workshops run by novelist, Julie Bell and poet, Peter Sansom.

Words in Pixels

Duration of work: 40 minutes

  1. The I Love You Bridge [3.35 mins.]
  2. I Used To… [3.35 mins.]
  3. The Robots [6.04 mins.]
  4. Nature Just Happens [7 mins.]
  5. A Poem about You [4 mins.]
  6. Old Photo [3.52 mins.]
  7. Don’t You Just Hate it [2.30 mins.]
  8. Over There it Might Be Different [9.50 mins.]

With thanks to Sheffield, Rotherham, Doncaster & Barnsley Young Writers. Vicky Morris, Michael Harding & Mark Daly (The Only Michael / Animat), Jon Harrison [Lovebytes], Sue Shaw, Matt Black [Signposts], Joe Kriss, Sue, Lesley and Maria [Off the Shelf], Luisa and Co. [Art in the Park], our invigilation volunteers and kind image contributions including the I Love You bridge at sunset by Greg Mcmullin.

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