BBC Radio Sheff interview

image7Twice last year I was on BBC Radio Sheffield. The first time was to talk about Hive and a launch workshop in the summer. At the time I had a long chat with the lovely Rav Sanghera and he persuaded me to come back to do the ‘My life so far’ slot. It seemed mega indulgent but I thought it would be an op to talk more about Hive and get it on more radars. So after uming and ahing, I said yes. But we never ended up talking about Hive! I felt annoyed with myself I didn’t make more of a thing of it but the interview was over so quickly. I’m sure there’s nothing worse than a guest taking over though. Anyway, it was lovely and Rony Robinson is such a sweetheart. I even read a poem. Rav kindly sent me a copy so my mum, who still isn’t sure what the internet is, could have a listen.

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