Brightened day!

HOUSE SHARPI’m reet chuffed, as we say in Sheffield, to have had a lovely email from The Interpreter’s House, one of my favourite poetry journals, saying they’ve accepted a poem! Not only that, they took the time to boost my confidence and brighten my day further by telling me they had a whopping 1250 poems to read for this issue, and that I almost made it to featured poet as one of the editors liked my poems so much. I’m not going to lie, this is lovely news and really encouraging. It’s also a surprise with the poem they chose as it’s probably the oddest I’ve written. I’ve only just started getting my work out properly in the last year or so so this type of feedback is really valuable and nourishing. I spend a lot of time enthusing others and I love doing it, but it’s also nice to be on the receiving end sometimes.

TIH is a gorgeously produced, diverse and quality mix of poetry and short story. It’s chunky and great value for money (£15 inc. postage for 3 issues) and I heartedly recommend a subscription if you’re a lover of poetry and short story. It’s practically a book and the cover is all silky and stroke-able 🙂 It’s the kind of publication I would like to run if I ran a publication. So, thank you The Interpreter’s house for brightening my day!

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