Generation Journalists

Generation Journalists Programme 
Role/s: Workshop facilitator supporting the delivery of Generation Journalists across photography, design, film and journalism.

justineAlong with other creatives, I supported the might Justine Gaubert (entrepreneur, social-enterpriser and all round creative talent), to deliver a programme of workshops and mentoring providing old and young people from the community with transferable citizen journalism skills (across photograph, design, blogging, guerrilla filming and journalism),  while working on community focused assignments.  Priority was given to people from Sheffield who are not in education, training or employment.

As with all its work, Silent Cities Generation Journalists Programme aimed to shine a spotlight on under-represented voices and happenings in the city through the community journalism assignments.

Journalists completed the programme with a portfolio of work and reference.

Employer: Silent Cities Digital Media Centre
Funded by Awards For All.

For more about Silent Cities (currently dormant), watch this little film: