Eco Poetry Workshop for the Being Human Festival

Yesterday I was delighted to work with poet Helen Angell on an eco-poetry workshop for the Being Human Festival via Sheffield Hallam University. Rather brilliantly, it was on a barge and we were on the move for the whole thing. I’ve delivered workshops on barges and at Sheffield’s Victoria Quays before (oddly enough as it’s not your usual venue!) and I love it.  Such a great idea to do some writing while going out on the canal, with some participants having a leisurely glass of wine in the afternoon! As she sadly couldn’t be there, Helen delivered an excellent reading of Harriet Tarlo’s wonderful poem that was commissioned through the project. As the engine of the boat was quite loud, we had a microphone. At one point, I had the urge to do eco-poetry bingo 🙂 At the end, participants came up and shared some really brilliant poems. There’s something about writing in that kind of environment, it always proves so inspiring. Thanks to Helen Angell, Amy Carter, Lauren McConnell and the team for a fabulous afternoon. Lovely write-up here from Sam Gregory.