Youth Word Up 2016
Graveyard Shift
I've been having a lovely and emotional trip down memory lane recently, unearthing photos. Realising, I've seen so many young people grow up over the years and being proud of the work I've been involved in, and how, for some, it's had a big impact on who they are or the paths they've chosen. This means a lot to me. I knew from the first workshop I ever led back in 1998(!), that I had a thing for enthusing people. I liked that I got giddy round creativity and I liked that it was infectious. I remember about 4 years ago, a young journalist at Cube interviewed the late, great Tony Benn for the magazine. He was typically spot on with his thoughts on power, information, misinformation and democracy, but what I remember most is his advice - '...encouragement is the best things you can give people.' And it's true, such a simple and free gift can have a profound effect. Likewise, so can the opposite.
Courage of Conscience
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Being a dyslexic writer

Being a dyslexic writer

While routing out projects for the site, I found a piece I wrote for NAWE (National Association of Writers in Education) in 2014 following making Dyslexic & Loving Words, the film I made about dyslexic wordsmiths. Seems like a good idea to give it an airing here. If anything I’ve said chimes with you, feel free to get in touch or post a comment.

Dyslexic and Loving Words (first published by NAWE 2014)

Someone I was working with recently recalled being asked some years ago, “Why are you studying words if you have difficulty with them?” My colleague had been granted help for his dyslexia while studying English Literature. The rhetorical question came from a support officer at Uni. I understood immediately why the comment had stayed with him.

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