Bloomin lovely

Oh, the garden! Just wanted to share a few pictures of how lovely it is. Busy as ever but I have a window of escape this week to write. Also, I’m thrilled to have just heard I’ve got a poem accepted for the fabulous Brittle Star:

Check out my honeysuckle! There’s two types. At the moment I don’t walk up my garden to the dog house, I float. Honeysuckle is one of my absolute favourite smells. I could literately sit and sniff it for hours.

I have an addiction to buying plants that are dying and reviving them. Last year I bought a plant without a label and it’s just opened its flowers. As suspected, it’s a jasmine (but I can’t find which one). I’ve got 3 jasmins already and this too is a smell I could die for.  This type is more bubble gum smelling that the others. Soo nice! It doesn’t seem to smell as much at night but perhaps it’s because it’s in the shade. I’ve thought about moving it but it seems so happy where it is.

I should be able to find which type it is more easily now. After the young writers’ Wild Poetry project with Hive & Grow Wild, I feel like I’ve actually learnt quite a bit about wild plants and fungi. I can now, with pride, name quite a few and even wax a little about some!  Really looking forward to the final book of poetry.

Loads of buds are coming up and I can’t wait for my favourites which are near to opening, sweet peas. I really can’t get enough of them. But right now, the two black elders are in full flowering bloom and they are breath taking. My office looks down on the garden and these trees give me so much joy! I hope you have access to green goodness wherever you are.