Studio Faire Residency

I’m not long back from a creative residency at the wonderful Studio Faire in the South of France, working on a new project with fellow creative, Justine Gaubert – copywriter, social entrepreneur and good friend for some years. The time away was much needed and gave us the space and focus to get cracking on a new project we’re working on together looking at all things relating to neurodiversity and creativity.

There’ll hopefully be writings, musings, podcast discussions and interviews and we hope to create a space to explore ideas, strategies and research. Exciting stuff! More info coming soon. The rather amusing photo was taken by Colin Usher, co-founder/owner of Studio Faire, and no word of a lie, the dogs, Becca and Dougie, got so, shall we say, ‘excited’ (well Dougie anyway) with our laughing during the shoot, he let us all know. Classic!

I highly recommend Studio Faire to any writers, artists, musicians, any kind of creatives, as a place to find space to start a new project, work on an existing project, or just make space to start thinking about the next one and recharge your creative battery. It’s owned and run by the wonderful and relaxed Julia and Colin, both creatives themselves.