Seren launch reading for Flamingo by Kathryn Bevis

I’m so honoured to be a guest reader, along with the brilliant Jonathan Edwards for the launch of the absolutely gorgeous Flamingo by Kathryn Bevis. It’s an honour for so many reasons. As a Welsh poet, it’s great to read with Seren, a fine welsh publisher, and with Jonathan Edwards, a fine Welsh poet, and because Kathryn is a dear poetry friend, who it’s been a joy seeing the momentum of the world discovering her for the incredible poet she is more recently, and, most importantly, because Flamingo is, quite simply, a stunning body of work. For lovers of poetry, or for those who want to fall in love anew, Flamingo by Kathryn Bevis (available here) is a must read! Also, join us!

By the end of the collection, with its sustained group of poems exploring love and mortality, I was in floods of tears, and convinced that this is the most accomplished and emotionally significant group of new poems I have read in a very long time. – Jonathan Edwards