Autumn is coming…

It’s been a busy start to the autumn! Great time at the Ted Hughes Poetry Festival in Mexborough. I led a workshop on transformation in poetry inspired by Ted Hughes’ work focusing on animal and insects. Some brilliant work came out of it.

Then I took some of the young writers to perform on Mexborough High Street as part of the Democracy of Words. We all turned into foxes at one point such was the channeling of Ted. Turned out, Ted had a dream about a man fox anyway! (that’s me below in the fox head!)

Lovely to get a copy of Under the Radar in the post with three of my poems in it! And it’s a lovely new design too (the cover texture is very strokable!)

What else? Yes! I’ve been shortlisted for the BBC Creative Champion Awards in the realm of Creativity. So lovely what’s been said and I’m really honoured to be acknowledged as part of it. Here’re some amazing young writers, and me (waffling as per!) at 1hr35in on BBC Radio Sheffield.