Ledbury Poetry Festival

I’ve been lucky enough to be away a lot recently and one of my trips was a lovely weekend at the Ledbury Poetry Festival with emerging young writers Georgie Woodhead and Warda Yassin. We made the most of the final Friday to Sunday of the fest and saw a huge range of poets, performances and energising chats. I particularly enjoyed the John Masefield High School Students and Foyle Young Poets reading (which included Georgie!), Brian Bilston and Nikita Gill, Shivanee Ramlochan and Enrique Winter, and Ishion Hutchinson and Jay Bernard.

It was also great to meet some wonderful poets and writers like Alison Brackenbury who Warda and I went on a late-night adventure with, the lovely Jane Commane for photos on the cobbles. Also Jill and Robin and Sue (whose surnames escape me right now!)

Ledbury is such a lovely town for wandering about and getting easily around to different venues. And all hail the Ledbury charity shops where I got some great books and bits!

Thanks to Phillippa Slinger for the support coming down too.

For more info on the Ledbury Poetry Festival: www.poetry-festival.co.uk