Arvon Masterclass (July)

Busy May! Just a wee update with details of an Arvon Masterclass I’m doing on Friday 28th July on all things the modern ode and its elated contemporary variations. Booking here.

Ode to the Modern Ode
Join prize-winning poet Vicky Morris for a poetry writing workshop that explores the delights and wit of the modern ode and other contemporary poetry approaches that celebrate and revere the everyday, the unexpected and the downright bizarre. From the humble cockroach to stretch marks, the odes we’ll draw inspiration from in this masterclass will be fresh, modern, sometimes funny, and always surprising. Across a range of writing exercises, we’ll look at key elements of the ode, bringing in some Anglo-Saxon wordplay fun, while considering how uncovering the ceremonious in the routine, the reverence in life’s offerings often overlooked, can take us somewhere deeper. Leave the session with some intriguing first drafts, an urge to praise the minutiae of life, and an awe for the art of the modern ode.

Had a gorgeous time at Tŷ Newydd Writing Centre of Wales at the end of April, co-tutoring with brilliant Vanessa Lampert on Journey to the Centre of the Poem. We certainly traveled far into many great poems. It was such a gorgeous group and gorgeous weather to boot. Ah, wish I was back there. I miss the woods, the river, the house, the sea!